SIS - A new way to look at safety with our innovative collision avoidance system for industrial vehicles.


is an active collision avoidance system which avoids the risk of collision during maneuvers and offers the possibility to slow down and block the movement of the truck in two critical situations: reverse maneuvering, load lifting.


Collision avoidance

Collision avoidance

The lack of visibility or the operator’s distraction are often the main cause of accidents which can have serious consequences.

SIS-MINI 1.0 collision avoidance system is an active maneuvering system for forklift trucks and industrial vehicles which detects potential obstacles in the operating range of the forklift truck; the system warns the driver with visual and acoustic signals, it prevents and avoids the risk of collision during maneuvers in two critical situations:


SIS – MINI 1.0 automatically slows down and prevents the movement of the forklift truck before the accident occurs.

Main features

Minimum overall dimensions

A compact design allows the sensor to be easily placed on the rear part of the truck whilst the display is conveniently placed in the cabin in front of the operator.


The operator is alerted of any situation of imminent danger by specific colour codes, acoustic signal is heard in case of imminent collision only, the system automatically prevents the movement of the forklift truck, thus dramatically reducing the risk of collision.


All signals related to the intervention on the system (alerting/slowing down/preventing movement) operate in hardware configuration thus providing a better functional stability compared to systems operating in software configuration.


  • Protecting people

    Accidents involving people are regarded as severe, they usually have effects and legal consequences for safety managers and for company owners. Ultimately, the system we developed drastically reduces risks of serious injury or casualties at different levels by protecting all persons involved.

  • Protecting property

    Collisions with other vehicles or company devices and structures may cause material damages to property. Preventing collisions as well as reducing accident consequences has economic advantages.

  • Saving time and money

    Any accident involving people or damages to premises and structures causes loss of time. Just think about production downtime, additional work related to repairing, red tape work concerning insurance and legal disputes.


  • No obstacle within operation range of the vehicle (detecting area): full speed both forward and reverse.
    GREEN light.
    No acoustic signal.

  • Obstacle within operation range of the vehicle (detecting area): slowing down on reverse.
    YELLOW light.
    No acoustic signal.

  • Imminent collision risk within detecting area: vehicle blocked in reverse. The operator can resume movement at low speed by keeping the red release bottom pushed.
    RED light.
    Active acoustic signal.

  • Forks over the cab (beyond the operator standing point): vehicle slows down both forward and reverse.
    BLU light .
    No acoustic signal.

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