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Intralogistica e Cy.Pag, successo per due

Intralogistica and Cy.Pag, they both gained success




Nuova veste e nuovo sito web per i sistemi anti-collisione SIS

New look and brand New website for SIS anti-collision systems

Safety at work is a very critical issue. Unfortunately too often news give evidence of accidents and fatal injuries. Beside training and compliance wi...

As revealed on our blog, the Intralogistica exhibition, the only Italy-based event for warehouse managing and industrial handling, was held in Milan from May 29th to June 1st.

Cy.Pag confirmed once again the important role it plays in this field with its safety devices for industrial vehicles.


Some evidence on Intralogistica 2018:

The event was held in Milan-Rho exhibition fairgrounds together with other important international events such as Ipak-Ima, Print4All, Plast 2018 and MeatTech, all gathered under the umbrella of The Innovation Alliance: a network of five events which successfully attracted a qualified audience of professional visitors: 19,000 from over 100 countries, with a strong international footprint, made by CEOs, presidents, owners and managers directly involved in the decision-making process.

During the 4-days event the best solutions and technologies for logistics, storage and handling systems, forklifts and warehouse management systems were displayed. Among the most innovative and technologically advanced products, SIS collision avoidance system for industrial vehicles showcased at Cy.Pag booth.


Cy.Pag at Intralogistica

Mr. Sergio Odobez, Cy.Pag Srl Sales Manager for Italy, was very pleased to attend the exhibition. Here is his comment on Cy.Pag attendance at Intralogistica: "We have noticed a growing number of foreign visitors, such an international approach surely facilitate our task of present our Safety Line equipment and devices to a larger number foreign companies ".

In addition to those already present at the national level, Intralogistica gave us the opportunity to create new contacts outside the national borders. The contacts from Belgium and Germany were particularly interested.

Cy.Pag was given the opportunity to present a new safety system for VNA trucks which is being tested with the aim of introducing it to the market by the end of the year. An innovative system, with specific technical characteristics making it reliable and effective, offered at a very competitive price.


Find out more in the exclusive interview with Sergio Odobez:


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