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Affideresti il carrello elevatore ad un operatore bendato?: Immagine

Would you entrust the forklift to a blindfolded operator?




Nuova veste e nuovo sito web per i sistemi anti-collisione SIS

New look and brand New website for SIS anti-collision systems

Safety at work is a very critical issue. Unfortunately too often news give evidence of accidents and fatal injuries. Beside training and compliance wi...

Did you know that 80% of forklift accidents are caused by poor visibility?

Yes, this is the main cause of workplace accidents with forklifts!

Although an adequate design, a high visibility mast and good ergonomics can reduce the possibility of an accident, unfortunately, workplaces full of goods and the position of the operator cannot completely eliminate the risk.

In fact, the accident that took place in Brianza and reported on Monza Today in crime news in March 2017, is an example.

A worker crouched on the ground was working on a block, the driver of the forklift truck due to poor visibility did not see him and crushed him against a car.

Unfortunately, the person in question lost his life.

Would you entrust the forklift to a blindfolded operator?: Immagine 1

Visibility is an aspect that is too underestimated and in extreme cases like this it has very serious consequences.

To this unsolvable problem is added the fact that after many hours of work the operator is certainly more subject to fatigue or distractions: this is certainly another cause that can determine a greater probability of accidents with unsustainable economic repercussions or in the worst case the loss of the life of a collaborator, as happened in Brianza.

Often, in fact, the victims of forklift accidents are not the drivers, but other workers who are on the trajectory and are involved in the accident.

Fortunately, serious accidents are less frequent, but small accidents are the order of the day, with relatively low economic damage.

Too often underestimated, minor accidents are however more frequent and over time they tend to accumulate, also becoming relevant from an economic point of view.

Unfortunately, it happens more and more often that companies do not have insurance coverage on vehicles or on the damage caused by them, it is therefore good to ensure that accidents of all kinds are as infrequent as possible... tending to zero.

Damage and accidents are the order of the day, they happen in all companies and sooner or later it could also affect your Company. Therefore, to avoid all this, it is good to have prevention systems that save a lot of law and economic problems for the company.

Usually only medium and large companies have the sensitivity to adopt adequate prevention systems, while small companies are less sensitive to this kind of problems, until the day they hear the fire brigade and ambulance sirens.

Entrepreneurs must put a stop to unnecessary risks in the company!

The solution is simple and consolidated on the market since 2009 with over 5,000 installations in over 50 countries worldwide and is called SIS-Safety, which has brought several “plug and play” devices to the market to prevent these social and economic disasters from happening.

There are essentially two macro-categories of products on the market:

  • Active Systems, which intervene directly on the vehicle, making it slow down and/or stop when you approach dangerously a person or an obstacle, also emitting light and acoustic signals;

  • Passive Systems, are less "intrusive" solutions, which signal the presence of people and obstacles on the trajectory through acoustic and light signals.

SIS Safe&Alert and Safe&Alert+, are passive reversing systems for forklifts and industrial vehicles: they monitoring the area affected by the vehicle travel and immediately report to the operator the risk of collision with people, objects or structural elements, preventing the risk of accidents thus avoiding legal consequences, economic bloodletting or crime news.

The operation is very simple, the system, mounted on the forklift in full autonomy or with the remote assistance of our technical staff, immediately alerts the driver by means of an ultrasonic sensor with luminous and acoustic signals of increasing intensity as we go. approaches obstacles.

SIS, which has been present for years on the market for anti-collision systems for industrial vehicles, makes its technical knowledge and patented solutions available over the years to anyone who needs to protect people, the company and the materials/products.

Become a member of SIS-Safety family, secure your vehicles and allow people to work safer.

Find out how we will reduce your risk profile by calling +39 0342 605011 or by writing your message to


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