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Mahle Plant Timisoara

Mahle Romania, a subsidiary of Mahle Group, global automotive industry supplier, was looking for a way to prevent accidents and injuries during forklifts trucks maneuvering in their plant located in Timisoara.
Components and accessories were pulled from shelves storage using forklifts trucks. Each forklifts driver may cut across shared pedestrian areas  as well as meet and cross other trucks, particularly when it comes to blind spots and door crossing.
Mahle plant’s layout and aisles crossroads have been perfectly conceived, nevertheless the risk of danger was actual due to unpredictable events and human error.

The customer equipped critical crossings with our Cy.Guard with the aim of warning both drivers and pedestrians. Whenever a vehicle is approaching a designated area, our presence detector automatically alerts pedestrians and forklifts drivers by emitting acoustic waring and flashing light signals positioned on site.

Success Factors

  • Relationship with customer and ability to partner with Forklift Safety, our distributor based in Timisoara
  • Offering a professional presence detector to rely on during critical blind spots and door crossing
  • Ability to fit onto existing layout without any change of existing layout and structure thus reducing to zero down timing
  • Experience in large scale facility: CyPag Srl and Forklift Safety have a history of providing high quality, reliable products to leading manufacturers.