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Reversing maneuvering assistance system for forklifts and industrial vehicles: it monitors the area where vehicles operate by warning the operator of any risk of collision against objects, people or structure thus dramatically reducing the risk of accidents.

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How it works

Safe & Alert, though an ultrasonic sensor, detects any obstacle in the operating area where the industrial vehicle is proceeding in reverse. It immediately warns the driver with visual and acoustic signals whose frequency becomes more intense on approaching the obstacle.

Passive assistance sensors for the reverse


  • CySens ultrasonic sensor: patented sensor capable of consistently and reliably detecting any object up to 4 meters; side sections enable obstacle detection up to 1.5 meter. The sensor is capable of consistently and reliably detecting an object up to 4 meters perpendicularly from the emission point. The combination of central and side sections generates a detecting coverage of about 180° with respect to the rear end of the truck.
  • Advanced MiniMind display: the advanced display may be considered the core of the system. It works as a central unit processing incoming signals received from the sensor thus providing the operator with visual and acoustic signals. Extremely compact (40x130x36mm) it can be easily installed in the cabin.
  • Battery


componentistica sistema Safe&Alert

Main features

Easy installation

Installing Safe & Alert safety system does not require the intervention of technicians or specific technical skills: to make the device operate you simply need to connect 3 wires.

Parameters setting up

By pushing the red button on the display it is possible to easily and quickly select three pre-set configurations. No need of USB key and computer running software to select detection distance from a preset range.


Sturdy design, top notch materials and high grade electronics make Safe&Alert a reliable professional equipment.

Safe&Alert is offered with 3 preset configurations which can be selected by the driver according to his needs. Each configuration has a predefined detection distance.
grafico del setup di Safe&Alert
setup di Safe Alert di Sis
SetUP di Safe Alert

System integration

The device can be integrated to other safety devices such as:
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