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Workplace monitoring system: a microwave sensor installed next to an intersection or crossing detects any moving vehicle and warns employees as well as other forklift trucks drivers crossing the area by means of acoustic and visual signals.

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How it works

When, at an intersection, SafeTraffic microwave sensor detects an approaching vehicle, the central control unit activates the visual and acoustic alarms with the aim of alerting other drivers as well as pedestrians in the area of potential risk.

Safe Traffic acoustic alert


Microwave sensor
Signalling device

Control Unit up to 4 sensors can be integrated, 220V connection

componentistica sistema SafeTraffic

Main features

No installation on vehicle required

The device is placed on the wall next to the intersection, no element requires installation on vehicles operating in the area.


Central control unit is preset, with multiple inputs and outputs, to be integrated with a maximum of 4 sensors: this means that the device can be managed modularly and can be adapted to any lay-out of the working area by positioning more sensors and alarms.


SafeTraffic offers maximum operational flexibility through a wide range of configurable parameters offering a choice of 64 continuous tones, with adjustment up to 105 dB, for the acoustic alarm signal.

System integration

The device can be integrated to other safety devices such as:
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